Emotional Support, Laughter Therapy, and Cancer Treatment

A comprehensive, integrated treatment center for patients suffering from all kinds of cancer, The Oasis of Hope Hospital combines emotional support with its other therapies in order to optimize patient treatment. Emotional support includes the use of laughter therapy, an interesting new treatment that was studied for its impact on many serious conditions. Laughter therapy has a wide range of benefits, including bolstering the immune system, enhancing cardiovascular flexibility, developing the abdominal musculature, and raising the spirits.

Laughter therapy, also sometimes known as humor therapy, promotes overall health and wellness while also relieving the emotional and physical stresses that accompany cancer and cancer treatment for many patients. As early as the 13th century, doctors began using humor to distract their patients from pain, and beginning in the 20th century, doctors have carefully studied the precise physiological effects of humor and laughter on health. Studies have revealed that mirth can reduce the experience of pain, lower levels of stress hormones, and boost the immune system while simultaneously improving quality of life for the patient.

In conjunction with a regimen of other cancer therapies, laughter treatment relaxes the muscles, increases the flow of oxygen, releases endorphins, and balances the blood pressure. Often, laughter therapy is conducted in a group, encouraging patients to laugh and work together on their healing. Patients often enjoy these sessions, seeing them as a chance to escape from the often difficult emotions associated with dealing with cancer.


Author: Oasis of Hope Hospital

Founded by the late Dr. Ernesto Contreras, Sr., Oasis of Hope Hospital has treated more than 100,000 patients from 55 countries around the world since opening its doors in 1963. Oasis of Hope Hospital takes a multidisciplinary approach to cancer treatment, combining conventional and alternative approaches to address the emotional, physical, and spiritual needs of its patients. Currently led by Dr. Francisco Contreras, the son of the organization's founder, Oasis of Hope Hospital is based in Tijuana, Mexico. Prior to overseeing Oasis of Hope Hospital, Dr. Francisco Contreras attended the University of Vienna in Austria, where he specialized in surgical oncology and graduated with honors. At Oasis of Hope Hospital, Dr. Contreras consults with patients, conducts surgeries, and handles administrative affairs in conjunction with the board of directors. He has spoken extensively around the world and regularly attends alternative and integrative health care conventions. Dr. Contreras has written a number of books on battling cancer. He advocates a positive attitude and an open-minded approach to cancer care. While it is based in Mexico, Oasis of Hope Hospital employs a staff of nurses and doctors who speak English and communicate regularly with patients from around the world. Oasis of Hope Hospital has passed several inspections conducted by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the Mexican board of health, devoting itself to maintaining a clean and modern environment for its physicians and patients. In addition to a full staff of medical professionals, Oasis of Hope Hospital provides each patient with a personal companion to assist with any non-medical needs, ranging from locating stationary to connecting a computer or spending time in conversation. Oasis of Hope Hospital encourages patients to bring their loved ones and provides a non-hospital bed in each room for family members. Oasis of Hope Hospital also focuses on providing alternative treatments and is particularly well-known for its success with laetrile therapy for cancer. In addition to alternative treatments, the physicians at Oasis of Hope Hospital also sometimes employ chemotherapy in conjunction with other approaches to produce the best possible outcomes for each patient with cancer.

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