Lymphocyte Therapy – Effective in Stimulating Activity against Cancer

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Lymphocyte Therapy

For more than four decades, Oasis of Hope in Tijuana has helped patients to fight cancer and survive through a variety of alternative and conventional modalities. Attacking the disease from all sides, Oasis of Hope physicians have achieved patient survival rates well above US national averages. One key treatment modality is allogeneic lymphocyte therapy.

Developed in Japan by Dr. Masaru Kondo 25 years ago, the immunotherapy approach was pioneering in its ability to attain significant tumor shrinkage. The protocol involves a brief, low-dose cyclophosphamide (chemotherapy) course that does not attack the tumor directly but aims to selectively eliminate T-reg lymphocyte “suppressor” immune cells. Following this course, allogeneic lymphocytes are administered to a system that is primed for aggressive response to the infused lymphocyte stimulus.

The collection of lymphocytes occurs through blood donation from a young, healthy person who is not a family member. Leukophoresis is performed to separate out the lymphocytes, which are intravenously infused in a way that avoids nearly all patient side effects. Each infusion involves 50 million to 70 million lymphocytes and occurs once a month for three months, with the possibility of longer intervals if the treatment is having its intended effect.