Insulin Potentiation Chemotherapy – Low-Dose Cancer Fighting Approach


Insulin Potentiation Chemotherapy pic

Insulin Potentiation Chemotherapy

As the very first and leading cancer treatment center in Tijuana, Oasis of Hope emphasizes leading-edge approaches to cancer care that integrate diverse modalities. Among these, Oasis of Hope administers insulin potentiation chemotherapy (IPT). A gentler way of fighting aggressive types of the disease, from colon to lung cancer, IPT is a low-dose approach that avoids common chemotherapy treatment side effects such as major hair loss, nausea, and DNA distortion.

Key to the IPT approach is insulin, a hormone that the body produces naturally. Because cancer cells have between 10 and 20 more insulin receptors than normal cells, when the hormone is released by the pancreas into the bloodstream, cancer cells multiply while normal cells fall behind.

Sugar feeds cancer cells and thus offers a way of attacking them. The calibrated administration of insulin causes the cells to open membranes to maximize sugar intake. At this point, low-dose radiation is administered, followed by glucose. The sugar-greedy cancer cells take in the chemotherapy drugs to the maximum extent, which poisons and ultimately kills the cells.