Insulin Potentiation Chemotherapy as a Way of Safely Targeting Cancer


Insulin Potentiation Chemotherapy pic

Insulin Potentiation Chemotherapy

Located in Tijuana, Mexico, Oasis of Hope is a provider of holistic cancer treatment pathways that combine alternative and traditional therapies with the goal of providing optimal treatment outcomes. Oasis of Hope is able to administer insulin potentiation chemotherapy (IPT), or low dose chemotherapy as cases may require, but it is best known for alternatives proved to be more effective in many cases.

Relatively safe and gentle to the human system, IPT focuses on insulin, which is the distributor of glucose across the full range of cells throughout the body. Cancer cells contain up to 20 times as many insulin receptors on their surface as normal cells. As the pancreas releases insulin into the bloodstream as part of the digestion process, tumorous cells compete for sugar more effectively than normal cells. This results in a situation in which normal cells are deprived of necessary sugars and cancerous cells receive more than their fair share, which enables them to thrive.

Fortunately, this extreme competitive need for glucose among cancer cells can be turned against them, as insulin is administered as a way of causing a decrease in the body’s blood sugar levels. Healthy cells can easily shift from sugar metabolism to fat metabolism as a means of sustenance, while cancer cells almost exclusively rely on sugar metabolism. Lacking available sugars, they are in emergency mode and thus vulnerable to chemotherapy. The glucose-deprived cancer cells take in a full dose of chemotherapy drugs indiscriminately, and this is what ultimately kills them.