Epigenetics Points to Lifestyle Choices as Key in Gene Expression

Epigenetics pic

Image: oasisofhope.com

Located in the beach town of Tijuana near the Pacific Coast, Oasis of Hope Hospital is recognized for its leading-edge approach to cancer treatment and research. Known for its combination of alternative and traditional therapies, Oasis of Hope has a focus on epigenetics, which emphasizes that diet and nutrition influence the way in which genes express themselves.

Epigenetics is a paradigm shifter, as the lifestyle choices parents make have a direct impact on whether genes are expressed. Parents’ lifestyle factors can also result in a predisposition for certain conditions being passed on to their children. This is markedly different from the sense of inevitability involved in the concept inheriting so-called bad genes. Adopting habits that boost health can also switch off genes associated conditions such as breast cancer.

An epigenetic way of suppressing tumor growth involves taking up a whole food, low-fat, vegan diet in tandem with regular aerobic exercise. This works to decrease levels of pro-cancer growth hormones in the bloodstream, including free IGF-I, insulin, and free estrogen. Epidemiologists also recommend intake of vitamin D, the avoidance of excess sun exposure, and cessation of tobacco smoking.