Laetrile As a Component of an Integrative Cancer Treatment Approach

Oasis of Hope Hospital uses a wide range of accepted alternative therapeutics as part of its integrative approach to treating patients at its Tijuana, Mexico, location. Available therapies – which can typically be used in conjunction with conventional medicine – include high-dose biotin, intravenous Vitamin C, ozone autohemotherapy, and laetrile treatment. Oasis of Hope’s success is impressive, with high survival rates from breast, lung, and colorecta cancers. The survival rate for ovarian cancer in particular is several times the average for the United States.

In using laetrile as one of its therapies, the hospital draws on the time-honored knowledge of the healing properties of apricot seed extract, a substance used in India and the North Himalayas for its healing and medicinal properties. The hospital staff uses laetrile not as a stand-alone treatment, but for its capacity to render tumors more vulnerable to other types of therapy.

Apricot seed extract, when used along with optimum dosages of Vitamin C, can help reduce overly high levels of the antioxidant glutathione and the non-essential amino acid cysteine, making it easier for other, integrative therapeutics to succeed in cancer destruction. As part of this multi-pronged approach, the hospital works to avoid over-reliance on the harsh conventional treatments that can leave patients weaker and lessen their quality of life.