Healthy Long Life Series Explores Wellness Traditions

Oasis of Hope is a Tijuana, Mexico-based international cancer hospital that offers innovative treatments. Members of the Oasis of Hope team, including general director Dr. Francisco Contreras and nutritionist and chief oncologist Rosa Contreras Tessada, have an integral role in a new eight-episode documentary series, Healthy Long Life.

Filmed by director Daniel Kennedy, the documentary series enables viewers to gain insight into ancient and contemporary strategies for healthy aging and overcoming illnesses such as heart disease, cancer, and even COVID-19.

As episodes progress, viewers share in the wisdom, lifestyles, and nutritional practices of cultures in which longevity and living productively are accentuated. Dr. Contreras shares his knowledge in episodes centered on India, Europe, China, Israel, and Sardinia.

Sardinia, an island province of Italy, is known as an olive oil producer and a centenarian capital. An episode of Healthy Long Life takes viewers into Sardinian households to witness the traditional making of pasta, soup, and bread. The show also provides a look into the lives of two Sardinian brothers, who, in their 90s, are still growing vegetables and helping run the family cafe.

Healthy Long Life will be available on Amazon Prime Video in August, 2020.