Top Questions Asked by Patients Seeking Treatment at Oasis of Hope

Based in Tijuana, Mexico, Oasis of Hope is a world-class health facility that provides innovative cancer treatments using a combination of alternative and complementary medical programs. In operation since 1963, Oasis of Hope has treated over 100,000 patients from more than 60 nations.

Patients attending Oasis of Hope for cancer treatment are provided with access to a diverse range of services, all in one facility. Some of the most common questions asked by patients seeking treatment at the facility are answered below.

1. Do patients follow a specific type of diet while visiting the clinic? The menu provided at the clinic is specifically designed to prevent and fight cancer and to promote longevity and enhance wellness. The foods provided to patients are low in salt, animal protein, fat, and sugars. Foods commonly found on the menu include beans, fruits, vegetables, and nuts.

2. Does the clinic accept insurance? Since the clinic is located outside of America, insurance plans through Medicare and Medicaid cannot be accepted. Patients with private health insurance policies may have coverage for their treatments if they have policies that provide special coverage such as elective international coverage.

3. Do patients experience side effects from cancer treatments? Since the clinic focuses on using integrative cancer treatments that include the use of nutraceuticals and tumor oxygenation methods, many patients don’t experience the same side effects as they would with conventional cancer treatments.