What Is Cell Signal Transduction Therapy for Cancer Treatment?

A Tijuana, Mexico-based cancer treatment facility, Oasis of Hope offers conventional and alternative therapies to patients from around the globe. Oasis of Hope is directed by Dr. Francisco Contreras and provides comprehensive cancer treatment programs at a world-class facility.

One of the key treatments offered at the renowned facility is cell signal transduction therapy. This proven therapy works to manipulate cancer cells’ signaling pathways to reduce overactivity and under activity in them. Modulating cell signal transduction is important in cancer treatment since this is one of the main factors involved in the development and spread of cancer cells.

Signal transduction therapy is helpful for eliminating cancer cells by disabling cells from being able to produce specific proteins they need to grow and by reducing their ability to establish new blood supplies. Cell signaling pathways are modulated during cell signal transduction therapy with the use of specific nutrients, including boswellic acids, green tea extract, and milk thistle. In addition, drugs such as diclofenac and disulfiram can also be used to modify signaling pathways without harmful risks and side effects.