Oasis of Hope Removes Fear from the Cancer Equation

Oasis of Hope is a Tijuana hospital focused on having a positive impact on patients with advanced cancer through alternative and conventional modalities. Speaking with WCNC Charlotte, surgeon, oncologist, and Oasis of Hope Director Dr. Francisco Contreras described a failure in oncology as it is practiced widely today.

As an expert in human body mechanics, he feels that physicians often neglect the emotional and spiritual needs associated with the disease. How one thinks affects the neurotransmitters, which in turn has a profound effect on the body. Therefore, meaningful prayer at the hospital is not considered a last resort but the first line of defense. One primary reason for his hospital’s success has been its commitment to taking care of the whole person in areas that also include nutrition and lifestyle.

Dr. Contreras delved into his new book, The Art and Science of Undermining Cancer: Strategies to Slow-Control-Reverse. As he describes it, the work combines research-based information with an inspiring outlook. The aim is to remove the fear from cancer by providing data points on types of the disorder and all the available treatment options beyond invasive surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation.