Oasis of Hope Cancer Patients Applaud a Peaceful, Caring Environment

Patient-focused, Oasis of Hope offers a combination of allopathic and alternative cancer treatment spanning core and enhanced therapeutic pathways. Located in Tijuana, Oasis of Hope treats patients worldwide who have tried conventional therapies with often unsatisfactory results.

Cancer survivor Judith is from Minnesota and was operated on for lung cancer in 2003. The next year a CAT scan revealed that cancer had returned in the esophagus region. The physicians urged her to undergo chemotherapy and radiation, at which point she began looking for alternatives. Her niece pointed her to the Tijuana hospital, and she stayed with her husband at the facility for 17 days. Judith underwent various treatments, and seven years later, she attributes her successful remission to this program.

A breast cancer survivor, Lorraine sought alternative therapies following her cancer diagnosis. Finally taking the leap and traveling to Tijuana, she was encouraged by the highly personalized care she received, in which she was treated as a real human. The peaceful environment, like a “second home,” made therapy something she looked forward to receiving daily. She also lauds the integrated approach that encompasses a full spectrum of healing methods while using leading-edge technology.