Integrative Medicine Cancer Treatment

Located in Tijuana, Mexico, Oasis of Hope provides cancer treatments that address patients’ physical, psychological, and emotional needs. Using integrative medicine approaches such as its Enhanced and Core therapy protocols on site, Oasis of Hope staff not only work to weaken a patient’s tumor, but strengthen their body so they will fair better during treatment.

Integrative medicine not only reduces cancer’s spread and shrinks a patient’s tumor, but addresses the symptoms of cancer and the effects of traditional medical treatments. The methodology combines the best aspects of traditional and complementary medicine, by using the expertise of a physician to assist in recommending complementary medical options. Integrative medicine allows a patient to lessen side effects of traditional medicine, or of the symptoms of their cancer, without further prescriptions or taking further substances.

Integrative medical approaches emphasize psychological and emotional wellness alongside physical health outcomes. For example, activities like meditation and mindfulness may decrease stress associated with treatment and reduce pain. In addition, certain types of yoga and massage can provide physical and emotional relief from symptoms, provided the yoga instructor or massage therapist knows which areas of the patient’s body to avoid.