The Cancer Aid and Research Fund’s Diverse Resources

An integrative medicine facility, Oasis of Hope hosts patients at its Tijuana, Mexico location. To fund its operations and spread awareness of its work, the Oasis of Hope is one of several groups that receive donations from the Cancer Aid and Research Fund (CARF).

Founded in 1982, CARF serves as a conduit for smaller organizations assisting patients with cancer and other degenerative diseases by donating to groups tackling the broad spectrum of issues facing patients, their families, and members of the public more susceptible to them.

Donations to the Destiny Medical Fund, for example, emphasize preventative care to residents, especially children, within its target area, the Cebu province of the Philippines. Phoenix, Arizona’s 3000 Club promotes healthier diets that reduce cancer risk by distributing fruits and vegetables in lower-income areas.

Other recipients of CARF donations provide spiritual or psychological aid. The Hope of Life (Esperanza De Vida), based in Guatemala, combines tangible donations with religious teachings rather than only offering one or the other.