A Holistic Approach to Treating Cancer

Oasis of Hope in Tijuana, Mexico, is a hospital that offers alternative cancer treatments. Unlike traditional oncology, which focuses primarily on killing cancer cells and tumors, Oasis of Hope employs an unconventional approach – a holistic one – in treating patients with cancer.

Oasis of Hope was established in 1963 by Dr. Ernesto Contreras Sr. In the early 1960s, Dr. Contreras traveled to Greece. There, he found three essential elements that became the healing philosophy of Oasis of Hope today. These elements are physical restoration, emotional renewal, and spiritual revival.

For Dr. Contreras, medicine and oncology have failed because “we have become just mechanics of the human body.” He believes a better way to treat cancer exists.

In treating cancer patients, Oasis of Hope focuses on cleansing the body, restoring the immune system, and combining conventional and research-backed alternative therapies. The synergy created by this integration leads to outcomes of weakened cancer, extended life, and improved quality of life for cancer patients.

Oasis of Hope believes that physical health is affected by feelings and emotions. At Oasis of Hope, psychologists are on standby to assist cancer patients in managing their stresses, anxieties, and distress through group activities and individual counseling sessions.

Oasis on Hope is the only hospital in Tijuana with a pastor who prays with the patients and leads in worship and devotions daily. Oasis of Hope believes that cancer patients and their families need spiritual fortitude to overcome their fears and heal their emotions and thoughts.